Miss Gorgeous 2015 season 1,  beauty pageant was organized by Monty Productions 2015 to give opportunities to girls who are waiting for a good platform to excel in the modeling and film industry.
They select girls in auditions with passion and dedication and provide free accommodation to them. International fashion choreographer Arun Ratna gives them training and conducts the finals. All the girls who participated in the finals are now top celebrities.
After Monty Productions again MISS GORGEOUS OF 2023 season 2 started, this time many girls from across India showed interest in participating in this beauty pageant to prove their talent and held auditions.
30 girls from across India were selected as finalists and trained by international fashion choreographer Arun Ratna who conducted finals
Monty Productions MISS GORGEOUS BEAUTY PAGEANT  Many girls are waiting to shine in the modeling industry so now not only Miss category but Mrs, plus size and teens  are also interested and waiting to give a platform 1st time in Andhra Pradesh VISAKHAPATNAM history Monty Productions conducting India level MISS AND MRS GORGEOUS PLUS SIZE AND TEEN OF INDIA 2023 SEASON 3 NATIONAL BIGGEST BEAUTY PAGEANT
So far across India overall 60 contestants of us have been selected as content finalists from all over India and today they started training with international fashion choreographer Arun Ratna
They are getting ready to show their ability in finance by taking training under the guidance of the finals. These finals were held on 23rd October at our Royal Palace. In these exciting competitions
 Pooja Penumala was crowned as the winner of the Miss Gorgeous of India 2023 title
Rajahmundry Aparna won Miss Gorgeous of South India 2023


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