Review: Krishna Rama


‘Krishna Rama’, streaming on ETV Win, has been made at a time when elderly parents are increasingly becoming a neglected social group in our society. Owing to a career or an education, sons/daughters emigrate to advanced countries like the US, especially youngsters from the Telugu States. The story of an elderly, jaded couple in this context is what ‘Krishna Rama’, directed by Raj Madiraju, is about. Let’s find out what the film is like…

Story: Krishnaveni (Gautami Tadimalla) and Ramatheertha (Rajendra Prasad) are retired teachers, who strove hard for decades so that their children get a better future. Their children are now well-settled abroad. With time, the duo realize that they are lonely and neglected. They take refuge in social media in the hope of emotionally coping with their emptiness. The ups and downs they face, and the unexpected upheaval that befalls them after their decision to become active on social media are the crux of this web-film.


Analysis: In recent times, films like ‘Shatamanam Bhavati’ have brought out the feeling of emotional neglect experienced by the elderly. Generational gap and conflict are becoming familiar.


What makes ‘Krishna Rama’ unique is that it has come out with its own spin on the familiar premise. In an age when social media is increasingly being considered as a solution to loneliness, this film takes on the assumption head-on. Social media comes across as attractive and colorful from the outside. However, when things go awry, it can prove to be a bane. The trap is clear.

‘Krishna Rama’, with its emphasis on realism and natural portrayal, showcases a rare turn of events without resorting to melodrama. The two sides of social media and how it can morph into a double-edged sword have been shown effectively.


Both the Nata Kireeti and Gautami are superb. They were seen together in the recent ‘Anni Manchi Sakunamule’. This time, they go beyond and make us root for their characters and emotions. Ananya Sarma plays a nice supporting role. Srikanth Iyengar, Charan Lakkaraju, Ravi Verma, Gemini Suresh, Racha Ravi, and Kiran Kamarju are seen in dfferent roles.


Plus Points:


Dialogues. Almost all conversations are so slice-of-life.


The two elderly characters have been written sensibly.


The premise of the movie.


Minus Points:


The pacing slows down at times.


A few redundant scenes.


Verdict: ‘Krishna Rama’ is a whiff of fresh air on OTT. If you are someone who loves family films, this one is for you.


Rating: 3/5


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