Detective Karthik is a crime investigative thriller film with many twists and turns. Though the film was made on a small budget, The film is very gripping and engaging. Rajath Raghav, Goldie Nissy and Sruthi Mol played the main lead roles. Venkat Narendra directed this gripping crime thriller and Ashok Reddy bankrolled it. The film was released on 21st July, 2023.

A 10th Class girl Shruthi will be missing. As police are investigating the Case, A Private detective Sandya (Shruthi Mol) also starts her investigation. After a While, Sandhya will be missing. Karthik (Rajath Raghav) loves Sandhya and he will be curious about Sandhya’s disappearance and he starts to investigate the case. How he chases the mystery of 10th Class Girl and Sandhya’s cases is the rest of the story.
The film is made with a very low budget but the story and screenplay will keep us engaged without any boring situations. Director Venkat Narendra handled the film with perfect script and screenplay. Cinematography could have been better. Story is very fresh with many twists and turns. First half is just ok but the second half is very gripping and perfect. The background score has taken this film to the next level. Production values are decent.
Rajath Raghav delivered his role with ease. He fitted well in the detective role. The young actress, Goldie Nissy is beautiful and she will lure youth audiences. Sruthi Mol screen presence is very less but she gave her best. Others gave their best.
Generally, Crime thrillers will have a special attention. If the film is a hit, audiences will not miss the film. Detective Karthik is one such film, though it is a low budget film, the story, screenplay and music are engaging. The twists and turns are full of surprises. If you are a crime thriller lover, then Detective Karthik will entertain you. Go and watch it.
Rating : 3/5


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