After a Long Gap, National Award winner Neelakanta directed Circle Movie. The film is all about a crime thriller. The film is engaging with three different Love stories and a Killer. National Award winner Neelakanta came up with a different concept film with an engaging screenplay. Sai Ronak, Richa Panai, Arshin Mehta, and Baba Bhaskar played key roles in the film. NS Prasu composed the music and Ranganath handled the camera Work. The trio, NV Sarat Chandra, Sumalatha Annith Reddy, and Venu Babu bankrolled for this film. The film is released on 7th July 2023.

Kailash (Sai Ronak) is a Photographer. He has three Love stories in his past with Arundati (Richa Panai). Malvika (Naina) and Himani Rajput (Arshin Mehta). As his life is going smoothly in his present state, A Killer Puttur Ganesh (Baba Bhaskar) comes into his life to kill him. Kailash thinks that one of his girlfriends might hire the killer to kill him.

What are those Love stories and who hires the killer is the rest of the story.

Baba Bhaskar is an entertainer. He was very good in Big Boss show, now he is proving his acting skills. He is an outstanding actor and delivered his role with ease. Audiences will love his performance.

Sai Ronak looks mature in this film. He rendered three different roles in three different love stories. He performed well in all the roles and this film will be the trailer-made film for his career. The Actresses, Richa Panai, Naina, and Arshin Mehta performed well in their characters. Others did as required.

Music plays a vital role in this film. Music composer NS Prasu has given life to every scene. Screenplay is another important asset and Director Neelakanta lived upto audiences expectations. Though the film is a bit slow in the narrative part, the screenplay and music will keep us in engage.

Overall, Circle is an interesting Storyline packed with thrilling elements. The Romantic scenes will give a kick to youth audiences and Baba Bhaskar’s character will entertain Mass audiences. The music, Cinematography, and actors’ performance were finetuned with Neelakantha’s magical screenplay, direction.

Multiplex audiences will thoroughly enjoy Neelakantha’s Circle film. Give a Try

Rating: 3/5


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