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Maya Petika – The film is a realistic portrayal of the role mobile phones play in shaping our lives


Maya Petika is a contemporary social drama film that happens in everyone’s daily life. The film is all about Mobile phones which can turn one’s life into Good, Bad, and Ugly. There are five different stories in the film. The director Ramesh Raparthy delivered outstanding 6 different stories with engaging screenplay. Sunil, Comedian Srinivas Reddy, Payal Rajput, 30 Years Industry Prudhvi, Viraj Ashwin, Simrat Kaur, Shyamala, and others played different characters in the film. The film is bankrolled by Magunta Sarath Chandra Reddy. The film is released on 30th June, 2023.

Maya Petika Story No:1
Payal Rajput portrays a successful star heroine who becomes addicted to her mobile phone. This obsession causes a rift between her and her boyfriend, who becomes frustrated with her constant scrolling and lack of attention. The film explores the negative impact that technology can have on relationships and how it can serve as a villain in a love story.

Payal Rajput’s performance in the film is exceptional and is likely to be well received by the youth audience. The film’s storyline is relatable, as mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives and are causing distance between loved ones. Payal’s acting is noteworthy and she delivers her best in the film.

Maya Petika Story No:2
Kamswara Rao (30 Years Industry Prudhvi) is a corporater and a womanizer. A Mobile phone comes into his life. His weakness about women and Mobile Phone turns his life upside down.

This story is hilarious and the whole theater was filled with laughter. Young and youth audiences will love this story to the core. Prudhvi delivered this character with ease. We all know that A leaked audio tape of Prudhvi in his real life became viral on the internet and that whole was used in this story and it is damn hilarious.

Prudhvi’s episode is one of the best stories in this film.

Maya Petika Story No:3

Viraj Ashwin, plays a mechanic in the episode and the Mobile phone comes into his life. He loves his mother and keeps her picture as DP. soon, he falls in love with Simrat Kaur and he chats with her on his phone. How a Mobile phone unites them is the rest of the story.

Viraj Ashwin and Simrat Kaur look good in their roles. Both delivered their roles with ease.

Maya Petika Story No:4

Narayana (Sunil) is a watchman and lower-middle-class person. His wife (Shymala) supports him in all ways. A Mobile phone comes into their life. Both Narayana and his wife starts doing Insta Reels and will become famous. In no time, they become popular and they gain money through youtube channels. One fine day, They get a film offer and it is a happy ending for them.

This episode is full of entertainment. Sunil and Shymala deliver their role with perfection.

Maya Petika Story No:5

A Poor man (Srinivas Reddy) and his monkey do various stunts for Bread and Butter. He dress-up as a Transgender and begs on the streets, Parallely, His monkey do pickpocketing. One fine day, A mobile phone comes in his life and changes his life. By begging, pickpocketing, and stunts with monkey he gains good money. He saves his money in Bank and started to do online payments through his mobile. One day, He becomes a victim of Online theft. End of the story.

This is one of the stories in this film. Srinivas Reddy lived in his role and his performance is outstanding. He is one of the finest actors in Telugu Industry.

Maya Petika Story No:6

This story is all about a terrorist who uses a mobile phone to blast a bomb.
All the Stories are good and watchable. Technically all the stories are best. Music plays an important role and the background score keeps us engaged. Editing is crisp and Production values are good. Every frame is crystal clear.

Director Ramesh Raparthy delivered a decent film with many hidden messages. Nowadays, Mobile phones became a part of our life. But we should be cautious to use mobile phones while using it with different apps. From spam links to Bank Account theft, One should be cautious to use the app.

Maya Petika is a social drama film that highlights the impact of mobile phones in people’s lives. The film explores six different stories, depicting how mobile phones can lead to different outcomes. Director Ramesh Raparthy has successfully portrayed each story with skill, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. The film is a realistic portrayal of the role mobile phones play in shaping our lives, and it’s a must-watch for anyone who wants to be aware of this digital phenomenon.

Rating: 3/5



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