ChatGPT produces a superb time-travel story for actor Chetan’s query !!!

People from different walks of life across the world are testing ChatGPT, the path-breaking chatbot developed by OpenAI, for different uses. Many have been asking it creative questions related to movies and film stars. Recently, budding Tollywood actor Chetan Maddineni of ‘Rojulu Maarayi’, ‘Gulf’, ‘Beach Road Chetan’ and ‘1st Rank Raju’ fame, asked ChatGPT to write a Telugu movie story.

The actor asked ChatGPT to narrate a time-travel Telugu film story. And the result was super-interesting, as the chatbot wrote a spectacular storyline drawing from the nativity and sensibilities of the landmark ‘Baahubali’ and the historical epic movie ‘Gautamiputra Satakarni’.

The Artificial Intelligence-driven ChatBot is so advanced and there are no two ways about it. It’s fascinating that the chatbot came up with a never-heard-before story as a reply to Chetan’s question. The actor’s Instagram post brings out how much amazed he is by its creative genius. The whole world is now talking about the applications of AI and ChatGPT. And now that it’s evident that it can also write original storylines. It seems the sky is the limit. Or, maybe, the sky is not the limit!

Chetan, bowled over by the story, asked his followers how it would be if he were to do a film based on the ChatGPT-written storyline next. It would be quite a first-time scenario in India for sure if he does that.


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