S5 No Exit is an interesting storyline with gripping horror elements. The film looks like a foreign film with high technical values. Taraka Ratna, Prince, and Sunil play the main lead roles and Sai Kumar and Ali play important key roles. The film is directed by Bharrath Komalapati and Aadhuri Pratap Reddy bankrolled it under Showri Entertainments. The film released on 30th December 2022.

S5 No Exit is the story of Subbu(Taraka Ratna) the son of Prajaseva Party’s CM (Sai Kumar). His father plans Subbu’s birthday party in coach S5 of a train going from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam. While Subbu and his friends enjoy the party, Prince and his dance gang enter the same coach S5 and they immediately start hating each other. parallel, other travelers in S5 coach start to disappear slowly and the doors of the coach don’t open. What happened next forms the plot of the movie.

The film boasts an ensemble cast that includes Taraka Ratna, Sai Kumar, Prince Cecil, Ali, Sunil, and many others. Taraka Ratna presented himself in a new avatar. He has been doing variable roles recently and this one stands out. The look in the film is very stylish and his performance is quite commendable. Sai Kumar was his usual self and did very well as a Chief Minister. Prince also performed well. Ali provides a laugh riot while Sunil was entertaining.

Firstly, the cinematography of the film is impressive. DOP Anji of ‘Garuda Vega’ fame kept every frame in an interesting manner. Music by Manisharma is gripping and keeps us on the edge of our seats. Even though Director Bharrath is a debutant, the way he handled the screenplay and narration is impressive. The blend of horror and political drama was executed well. The climax is a fitting end to the film.

S5 No Exit comes with a new story and premise. The horror elements work very well with the music adding to the effect. The train scenes were made nicely and the comedy works out well in many places. Post-interval, the political aspect of the film also blends well. Performances by actors are impressive.
S5 is technically a brilliant film and it looks like an English film. Hats off to the producers to do such a lavish film and kudos to the director for coming up with a technically brilliant film. S5 is power packed film with technical brilliance. Manisharma’s music will take the audience to a new world. Youth will love it. Go and Watch it
3.25 Out of 5


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