Hasini Gayatri Creations hero Abhay and Asima Narwal and Girishma netrika as hero and heroines, directed by R. Sumadhur Krishna and produced by Path Loth Shankar Rathode production number 1 film pooja programs at the Prasanna Anjaneyaswamy temple in Hyderabad Real star Afsar Azad clap kottaga producer Path Loth Shankar Rathore switched on the camera. In the press conference organized by the film unit after the pooja…

Film director R Sumadhur Krishna said…
The story of this movie is going to be new. No movie came with this story. This movie is going to be in the background of a suspenseful action drama and thriller with a new concept. He said that the regular shooting of this film will start from January 2.

Hero Abhay says…
I believe that this movie, which is being made with a different concept, will connect with all sections of the audience. He said that more details about this film, which is being done by the young team, will be announced soon. He said that the title and first look of the film will be released soon.

Asima Narwal says…
The visuals of this movie are going to be good. Director R Samadhur Krishna’s story is going to have a different concept. He said that I am going to act in this film in a role that has a good scope for acting.

Heroine Girishma says…
Happy to act in a good movie. The story told by the director is good. He said that I want your support.

Abhay, Asima Narwal, Girishma, Sravya Padding Ka Posani, Naresh, Pradeep, Goparaj Ramana, Ashish Vidarthi, Srikanth, Bhumesh and others.
**Major construction contribution. Gujjala Anantha Reddy, Philip, Sailu Sagar, Ki, Koteswar Rao etc

Banner: Hasini Gayatri Creations
Producers: Path Loth Shankar Rothode
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: R Sumadhur Krishna
Cameraman: Pratap Krishnan
Songs.. Srinu Sagar..
Art Director: Vijay Krishna
Chief Associate Director : A. Balachandra
Production Excutive : Bhaskar Raju
Pro : Sripal Cholleti


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