Missing is an outstanding thriller film with smashing twists and turns. The director Srini Josyula nailed it with an excellent screenplay. It’s an out of the box film. We see many different genre films in OTT platforms and many films are in our wish list and few films will be our favorite, Missing is one such film. A Must watch film.




Harsha Narra, Nikkesha and Narang Misha played the main lead roles and Bhaskar Josyula, Narra Lakshmi Seshagiri Rao bankrolled it. Ajay Arasada composed music and the film was released on 19th November, 2021. Check the review below….




The Film kick starts with a kidnapping. A bunch of bad boys kidnap a young girl. After a bit while, Gautham (Harsha Narra) and Shruthi (Nikkesha) will be riding in a car and meet with an accident. Gautham finds himself at hospital but Shruthi will be missing. How Gautham chases the mystery kidnaping case is the rest of the story.




Harsha Narra did an outstanding job portraying Gautham in the film. He looks like young actor Nikhil and he delivered his role with ease. Nikkesha is gorgeous and she delivers her role as required. Narang Misha did a very different role and she did her bit. Ram Dutta played ACP Tyagi role and he will entertain us with his typical acting style. Chatrapathi Shekar did police officer role but important one. Other characters did as required.




The film is outstanding and screenplay is very gripping. The interval bang, the twists and turns in the second half are just jaw dropping. The music composed by Ajay Arasada is in sync with the film. The locations and camera work by Janna were very natural. Production values are high and decent money was spent for the film.




More or less, it’s a gripping film with smashing twists and turns. The whole Climax looks little cinematic but it is very convincing. Srini Josyula came up with a fresh story line with convincing climax and strong screenplay. Moviegoers will be thrilled to watch it on silver screen. If you are planning to watch something fresh, Missing is the film. Go for it.



Rating : 3.25/5


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