Home Entertainment Mugguru Monagalu is out and out Hilarious Entertainer – Don’t Miss It – Review

Mugguru Monagalu is out and out Hilarious Entertainer – Don’t Miss It – Review

Mugguru Monagallu film is hilarious entertainer packed with murder mystery. It’s a story of Dumb, Deaf and Blind who chase murder mystery crime case. Srinivas Reddy, Vennela Rama Rao and Deekshith Shetty played the main lead roles and Twisha Sharma, Swetha Varma, TNR, Raja Ravindra and Nazzar plays key roles in the film. The film is directed by Abhilash Reddy and produced by P. Achuth Rama Rao. The film is released on 6th August, 2021. Check the review below.

The film is all about Dumb, Deaf, and Blind. Sushanth (Srinivas Reddy) is Deaf. He cannot hear anything but manage his lifestyle by reading lips. Kishore (Deekshith Shetty) is Dumb, He cannot speak but very intelleigent and Deepak (Vennela Rama Rao) is Blind. He cannot see but he smells like a dog. All the three find some clues about ongoing murder mysteries and they take the help of Police officer (Raja Ravindra) to chase the case. What are the murder mysteries and How Dumb, Deaf and Blind chase the case is rest of the story.
The film is a hilarious entertainer. Srinivas Reddy will entertain us to the fullest. He as deaf will tickle our funny bones for sure. He is one of the major highlight in the film.  Vennela Rama Rao is also hilarious with his typical acting style. Deekshith Shetty is promising. Twisha Sharma is beautiful and Swetha Varma lived in her role. Raja Ravindra plays important role and he is good as police officer. TNR will be seen in couple of scenes. Nazzar’s character will be a Surprise for all of us. Others did as required.
As the film is Murder Mystery Thriller, Music plays big role in the film. Music director Suresh Bobilli has given outstanding music for this film. His background score is highlight. The story looks very fresh and screenplay is very gripping. The twists and turns towards the climax is major highlight. There were No boring scenes at all. The dialogues are simple, Locations were natural and production values are decent. Overall, It’s a Murder Mystery Thriller wrapped up with Hialirous comedy punches.
Mugguru Monagalu is out and out Hilarious Entertainer with many twists and turns. Watch this film and get entertained for two hours. Don’t miss It.
Rating : 3.25/5



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