Merise Merise is a cute love story film showcased with a contemporary issue, Women Empowerment. Debutant director K Pawan Kumar made this film in a extraordinary way. The film looks very rich, Realistic, Young, heart touching and Outstanding. The lead actors, Dinesh Tej and Shweta Avasthi carried the whole film on their shoulders. Their Chemistry and Performance made this film worth watching. Merise Merise film will surely Touch your heart. Go and Watch it.

The film begins with a failure. Being a rich guy, Siddu (Dinesh Tej) fails in his career and loses his hope. He comes to Hyderabad to change his mood. Vennela (Shweta Avasthi) says OK to arrange married and gets Engaged to an NRI. But Vennela want to discover herself. She is good at fashion designing and she want to achieve it as a career. The NRI would-be will be against her wish and will. But Vennela takes her time to fulfil her fashion designing skills and Siddu supports her in every aspect. Did Vennela achieve her goal ?, What happens to her Marriage proposal, Why Siddu Helps Vennela is rest of the story.

Merise Merise film looks very cute. Dinesh Tej performed his role with ease. Shweta Avasthi is gorgeous and she delivered her role with perfection. Sanjay Swaroop plays important role in this film. Gururaj Manepalli and Sandya Janak plays parent to Dinesh Tej. The Actors who played friend roles to Hero and Heroine did well. Others did as required.

The locations are very rich and trendy. Most of the scenes were shot in realistic locations. Cinematography was done by Nagesh Banell, visuals were crystal clear. Music director Karthik Kodakandla composed beautiful songs. The background score has taken this film to next level. The story is very fresh, dialogues are in sync with the scenes and screenplay is perfect. Director K Pawan Kumar just delivered a perfect film. The Production values are high and lot of money was spent while shooting.

Merise Merise film is all about Women empowerment. Director K Pawan Kumar showcased this great point in a heart touching way. A cute love story, Women empowerment, Songs, background score, Camera Visuals and Rich locations makes this film worth watching. The film will make every women to walk tall. Every women should watch this film.

Rating : 3.25/5


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