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Trayam is Mass action entertainer with Romantic Love Story – Go Watch it


Trayam is a power packed action entertainer film and big busky fights. Action lovers will like this film to the core. Parallelly, The film has a interesting Love story. It’s will be visual treat for Youth and Mass audiences. Watch this film, it’s worth every penny you spent. I give 3.25 rating for it’s grand busky fights and for youthful love story.

Trayam is an Action Entertainer film with triangular Love Story. Vishnu Reddy, Abhiram, Sanjana and Ashok plays the main lead roles. The film is directed by Dr. Gautham Naidu and Produced by Padmaja Naidu. After Pandemic and Second Wave, the film hits the screens on 30th July, 2021.

Raghu (Vishnu Reddy) and Nandu (Villain) both are college mates but fights against everything. They will be leaders for their college gang. Raghu and Shruthi love each other but Shruthi Stays away from Raghu as he unable to control his anger.
On the other side, Shruthi has a back story and She also loves Raghu’s friend Raju. Raju tries to patch up Raghu and Shruthi but something shocking incident will happen. What happens to Raghu and Shruthi Love Story. What happens to Raju and Shruthi’s Love Story. Who wins whos heart is rest of the story.

The film looks really promising as it is very entertaining, the action Episodes are major highlights. The camera work is very good and every frame looks rich. The background score creates the intensity of the film. The dialogues will make us very emotional. Romantic scenes will lure youth audiences and action episodes will entertain mass audiences. The Production values are high and film looks rich on screen. The Producer Padamaja Naidu spent necessary amount to get perfect output.

On the whole, Trayam is Mass action entertainer with Romantic pinch. Worth watching on silver screen.

Rating : 3.25



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