After listening to his youtube videos I got doubts and so I started to explore. I found out some shocking truths about this person.

This article is to inform everybody that vijay chowdhary has no direct connection with Tripuraneni family. It is just that he has same surname and he hails from salur vishakapatnam. This person has no connection with either sri Tripuraneni Ramaswamy or sri Tripuraneni maharadhi or sri Tripuraneni Gopichand or sri Tripuraneni Hanuman or sri Tripuraneni chittibabu. This person has no direct relation with anyone in this list but he indirectly tells everybody that he is related to them because he has same surname. He creates a feeling that he is part of this family directly from childhood but the truth is that he is in no way directly related to them except for the same surname he has. Kindly do not believe this person in this matter. His Grandfather’s name is sri Balramaiah This person’s actions and manipulative ways should not be attributed to Tripuraneni family in any manner. Tripuraneni family is in no way responsible for vijay chowdhary’s publicity stunts. First of all he has no stature to pass negative comments on celebrities and important people in society. He is trying to seek attention by passing negative comments on celebrities. He is doing all these publicity stunts to establish all his false claims on social media.

This person is attention seeking and manipulates in various ways to make others believe that he belongs to the Tripuraneni big families.the truth is that nobody in the actual family know him personally. He uses this kind of marketing with various business people and film industry. Kindly beware of this person. Please do not attribute this person’s comments about sri naga babu , sri balakrishna, sri kodali nani, sri jagan mohan reddy to actual tripuraneni family. I was informed that Tripuraneni family just helped him once to promote a film kavintha but later he began to misuse the promotion given for the sake of releasing his film ( he destroyed the producer of the film by misusing tripuraneni family name) My name is keerthi P and I have been personally affected by this person and I have collected all this information from the actual Tripuraneni family. This person has also allegedly cheated many investors in the name of franchise and he has to give money to a lot of people. they are chasing him but he has invested on lands in his home town with that money.


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