Tholu Bommalata film is very refreshing and heart touching. Director Vishwanth Maganthi showcased the values of relations in heart touching way. Though the film looks like a old village drama, it deals with contemporary issues which were happening in every family. Now a days, We as human beings are forgetting the relationships and running out for Money, but this film will takes us to the roots and will wrench our hearts for near and dear. Nata Kiriti, Versatile actor Dr. Rajendra Prasad rendered the main lead role and his experience, screen presence and performance filled life in this film. Viswanth, Vennela Kishore and Harshitha played prominent roles in the film. The film is released on 22nd November, 2019.

Soma Raju aka Soddala Raju (Rajendra Prasad) is a respectable man in his village. Every villager likes him to the core. His last wish is to see his grand son and grand daughter marry each other and settle down in their life. Did he fulfill his last wish and What will happens to him is rest of the story.

Dr. Rajesndra Prasad is one of the major highlight in the film. His screen presence makes this film more lively. He rendered his role with ease and he lived in his character. No other actor can do Soddalraju role other than Rajendra Prasad. His performance is very realistic. Vennela Kishore role is another highlight in the film. He will tickle our funny bones with his punches. The whole second half will revolve around Vennela Kishore and he is hilarious. After a long gap, Comedian Dhan Raj played different and significant role. Viswanth and Harshitha played as young hero heroine role and they fit the bill. Devi Prasad also play one of the major roles in the film. Others did as required.

As the film is a family entertainer. The music plays vital role. The back ground score will make us emotionally connect with Soddalraju family.  Cinematography is good and visuals look very natural. The film looks like it is really happening in some remote village. Dilaogues are heart touching and screenplay is very engaging. Director Vishwanth Maganthi is young but his thoughts are antique and heart touching. He perfectly delivered the film with every minute detail.

Tholu Bommalata is a Antique film filled with all human emotions. It’s a must watch film as we human beings all are forgetting our culture and civilization. It’s a must watch film for brothers and sisters who are quarreling for their Parents property. Every youngster should watch this film to know their roots and to respect their elders. It’s a must watch film for everyone. Don’t miss it. 

Rating : 3.25 Out Of 5