Thippara Meesam is an emotional journey of a spoil brat who doesn’t care about anyone but only himself. He even won’t care of his Mother. Hero Sree Vishnu who we love him for his concept oriented film has came up with emotional action entertainer film with huge mother sentiment. Krishna Vijay directed this film and Rizwan bankrolled it. The film is released on 8th November, 2019. Check the review below….

Mani (Sree Vishnu) is a DJ. More or less, his life begins at sunset and fades at sunrise. He never about anyone, nor his friends or his mother. He never care about his mother but when ever he is in need of money, he asks his mother without any hesitation. It is the journey of an Arrogant, hyper, drug addict younger. How did he made his worse is rest of the story.

Sree Vishnu is perfect as Mani. His character and his bread gave him a new look. He looked like a mass hero and he is perfect in his role. Nikki Thamboli is gorgeous and Comedian Naveen Neni got full length role in this film. Rohini plays Mother to Sree Vishnu and she will make us all emotional. After a long time, actor Benarji did key role in this film. Others did as required.

The story is very fresh and new to Telugu screen. It’s a story of a villain who played protagonist and director Krishna Vijay delivered it with perfection. The Screenplay is gripping and every scene is filled with life. The background score keeps us in engage with the film and Cinematography is crystal clear. Dialogues are simple but strong. The film looks very natural and every frame looks close to reality.

Thippara Meesam is an emotional journey of a bad man who has a good mother. It’s a very interesting story line said in very interesting way. There is action, comedy, emotion, love and everything. Thippara Meesam will be classic film in Sree Vishnu’s career and It is a top notch entertainer.

Thippara Meesam is an emotional journey of a man who care for nobody. Don’t miss it.

Rating : 3.25/5