Rangu is an Emotional journey of a Rowdy who lives in Vijayawada. Young Actor Tanish played the main lead role and Parachuri Ravi, Shafi, Parachuri Venkateswara Rao, Posani Krishna Murali and DS Rao did important roles in the film. Karthikeya directed this realistic intense emotional drama film and A Padmanabha Reddy, Nalla Ayyana Naidu bankrolled it. The film is released on 23rd November, 2018. Check the review.

Pawan Kumar alias Lara (Tanish) is an Intelligent Student. A small college-ragging issue changes his life and turns him as a Rowdy Sheeter. He deals settlements issues and becomes a gangster. A sincere police officer Parachuri Ravi will be against all the rowdy sheeters. How Lara and Police Officer Locks horns is rest of the story.
The film is an emotional journey of a Rowdy Sheeter and Tanish rendered it with perfection. Tanish perfectly fitted in the role and he performed naturally. Parachuri Ravi played very important role in this film. His rendered police officer role with ease. Posani Krishna Murali, Shafi and DS Rao did key roles in the film. Others did as required.
First of all, Background score is major highlight in the film. Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry’s son Yogeshwar Sharma composed music and it is biggest highlight in the film. Music is in sync with the film and it will make you emotional. Cinematography also play vital role in this film. The Locations and visuals look very natural and realistic. T Surendra Reddy captured rusty visuals and they speak for the film. The Helicopter shots looks amazing. The film is a true story film and Director Karthikeya presented it in natural way. The scenes, shots and visuals will make us to feel that this film is really a true story film. Director Karthikeya delivered it with perfection. It’s look like Tollywood industry got one more sensible director. Dialogues are penned by Parachuri Brothers and Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry wrote the lyrics. The On and Off screenplay looks interesting.
Rangu film is a journey a Rowdy sheeter who regrets for his doing in the past. He choose to live a Happy life but his past haunts him to death. It’s an Emotional film with many surprises. Tanish’s out standing performance, Yogeshwar Sharma’s background music, T Surendra Reddy’s realistic rusty visuals, Parachuri Ravi’s natural performance and Director Karthikeya’s gripping screenplays makes this film worth watching.
Rangu is a sensible film and whole family can watch it together. Don’t miss it.
Rating : 3/5