Oollaalaa Oollaalaa is an romantic thriller film featuring Satya Prakash’s son Nataraj in main lead role. Gorgeous girls Noorin and Ankita Maharana rendered female leads. This film Producer Gururaj also played key role in this film. Most famous Villain Satya Prakash directed this gripping thriller film. The film is released on 1st January, 2020. Check the review below…

Pandu (Nataraj) is an aspiring director. He want to become rich in short period. One day he get losts in Jungle and enters a haunted house. There he meets Trisha (Ankita Maharana) and falls in Love with her. Looking at her Property, Pandu decide to marry her and settle down. As soon as he enters that haunted house, strange things begins to happen. What are those strange things and how Pandu get rid of that haunted house is rest of the story.

Nataraj looks more like his father Satya Prakash. His acting skills are perfect. His acting skills, comedy timing, fighting skills and dialogue delivery, everything is perfect. Noorin is good in her role. Ankita Maharana will be visual treat for mass audience. Her Romantic scenes and Oomph looks will lure youth and mass audience. Mass audience will watch this film in repeat mode for Ankita Maharana. Producer Gururaj did key role in this film. His spent lot of money for the film and also performed well in this gripping thriller. Baahubali Prabhakar did different role and he is good in his role. Comedians like Raghu Babu, Adhurs Raghu, Geetha Singh, Jabardasth team and others did well.

As the film is thriller, Twists and turns will keep us all in engage. Audience will get confused in every scene and that confusing logic will create interest in audiences. Director Satya Prakash took every care on every scene and delivered interesting tale. As it is gripping thriller, background score makes it more interesting. Songs are good, Oollaalaa Oollaalaa title song and signature tunes are very good. The twists and turns will confusion screenplay will create interest in us to know what will happen next. Director Satya Prakash keenly made this film worth watching.

Oollaalaa Oollaalaa is an interesting tale with many twists and tales and gripping screenplay. Every scene is interesting and Gripping. Confusing screenplay, Ankita Maharana’s Glamour, Romantic scenes, Baahubali Prabhakar’s character and Gururaj twist character makes this film watchable. Oollaalaa Oollaalaa is an interesting entertainer. Go and Watch it.

Rating – 3/5