MisMatch is an Emotional Love Story of a Wrestler. Goegeous and Talented actress Aishwarya Rajesh played the main lead and Aatagadharaa Siva movie fame Udhay Shankar played her Love Interest. Versatile actor Pradeep Rawat did very crucial role in this film. NV Nirmal Kumar directed this beautiful love story film. G Sriram Raju and Bharat Ram bankrolling it. The film released on 6th December, 2019.
Udhay is an intelligent guy who care for nature and environment. Aishwarya Rajesh is a Wristler. Both are different with different mentalities and different culture. Even their families live a different culture. But both fall in love with each other. Their parents oppose them. How they convince they parents and win each other’s hearts is rest of the story.
Aishwarya Rajesh is one of the biggest highlight in the film. She is beautiful and her performance is top notch. She blend well in the role and she even fit the bill of a wristler. Udhay Shankar looks good in his role his character suits his body language and he delivered it with ease. Pradeep Rawat is a Damn Good performer. Usually we see him as a Bad guy but in this film, He did as a good guy and it is a crucial role. Others did as required.
Music play much important role in this film. Pawan Kalyan’s Tholi Prema’s song Nee Manase was shot in Single Shot and it is terrific. The Background score will keep us in engage. Cinematography is excellent and every frame looks real. Dialogues are simple and beautiful. Production values are high and makers spent lot of money while making this film. Story is different and wrestling concept is very fresh. The screenplay will keep us in engage and climax part will make us emotional. Director NV Nirmal Kumar perfectly captured the emotional scenes and delivered outstanding film.
MisMatch is a heartful journey of a wristler and an intelligent Tech. Their Love Track, Emotional scenes, Parents Sentiment, Gripping Fights and Wrestling fights, everything is outstanding. It’s a perfect film for whole family. Youth Audiences, Family Audience and everyone will Like it.
Mismatch is an Emotional and Beautiful love story film with all commercial elements… Do watch it.

Rating – 3.25/5