The Film LAW is all about Horror Thriller. Kamal Kamaraju, Mouryani and Pooja Ramachandran plays the main lead roles. Gagan Gopal directed this gripping thriller. The film is released on 23rd November, 2018. Check the review below.

Vikram (Kamal Kamaraju) is a Police Officer and fall in love with Radha (Mouryani). Radha lives in a apartment where Watchmen fears to guard the colony.  The Apartment will be haunted by a Ghost. How Vikram chase the case is rest of the story.
Kamal Kamaraju is perfect as a police officer. His body language suits his role. Mouryani given her best. Her performance in Climax episode is out standing. Pooja Ramachandran character will be a surprise package. She will surprise everyone towards climax. Others did as required.
Coming to technicians, Music play important role in the film, the Background score will keep you in engage. Satya Kashyap given perfect tunes for this film. Cinematography is good and visuals look very natural. Story is routine by suspense elements and screenplay makes this film watchable. Director Gagan Gopal delivered a gripping thriller and maintained the suspense till the end.
Kamal Kamaraju’s performance, Pooja Ramachandran’s character, suspense elements and whole climax are major highlights in the film.
Law film is a gripping thriller with many suspense elements. Audiences who love watching Suspense, mystery thrillers will love this film. Whole family can watch this film.
Rating : 3/5