After creating huge buzz, George Reddy, a bio pic of Osmania Student is released on 22nd November, 2019. Sandeep Madhav played the title role and Jeevan Reddy directed this gripping entertainer. The Reddy trios, Appi Reddy, Damu Reddy and Sanjeev Reddy bankrolled this prestigious film. Much research was done on his life before scripting the film. The theatrical trailer, celebrities tweets and huge publicity created much hype for the film. Please check the review below…

George Reddy ( Sandeep Madhav) joins Osmania University for Higher studies. He come across many struggles and troubles facing by OU Students. He rise up his voice and revolt back for Justice. He will become Star Student in OU campus and many student unions join him and protest against their troubles. How he solve the issues and what happens to life is rest of the film. 

Sandeep is perfect apt as George Reddy. He really blended in the role and lived up to expectations. His outstanding performance and his character makes him highlight in the film. Heroine Muskan is gorgeous and she did her role with ease. Pelli Choopulu fame Abhay did a key role in this film. Satya Dev, Chaitanya Krishna, Manoj Nandhan and Shatru played key roles in the film.

As the film is shot in 1970’s, Art Department got crucial role in the film and they deserve big round of applause. The retro look and 1970’s tint is excellent. The Costumes, vehicles and even OU campus set looks natural and Real. The cinematographer is perfect. Every frame has a story to tell. Background score plays another highlight in the film. Music keeps us in engage. The dialogues and motivational speech are gripping. Screenplay and action episodes are another highlight in the film. Direction by Jeevan Reddy is Promising. He took every minute care and delivered a gripping action entertainer.

George Reddy film is a true story of Student Leader of Osmania University. Though it is a Bio pic, the cinematic liberties, action episodes, dialogues, art direction and Screenplay makes this film worth watching. 

Every Student will feel proud of this film. Every youngerster should watch this film. Go and watch it.

Rating – 3.25 out of 5