Eureka film is all about Crime Action Thriller with many Jaw dropping twists and turns. The film has all elements like Comedy punches, Action Episodes, Romantic scenes and Heart touching emotions. The twists and turns are one of the major highlight in the film. The first Half is very lively with Romance and comedy. Interval bang and whole second half is very gripping and power packed. Karthik Anand, Syed Sohail Riyan , Dimple Hayati and Shalini played the main lead roles in “Eureka”. Karthik Anand who played main lead role has directed this film for the first time and Lakshmi Prasad Productions banner bankrolled it. The film is released on 13th March, 2020. Check the review below….

Yuva (Karthik Anand) and Revanth ( Syed Sohail Riyan ) both are good friends, Classmates and Toppers in Everything. They both enjoy their College life and want to Cherish their memories in their College Fest. They name their College Fest as “Eureka”. A Murder Mystery changes their life upside Down. Who murdered whom, What happens to lead actors and how they overcome the issue is rest of the story. 

Karthik Anand and Syed Sohail Riyan both delivered their roles with ease. Their Comedy timing is just perfect and they look like hunk in action episodes. Karthik Anand looked like a action hero and Syed Sohail Riyan looks like a Lover boy. Both are good in their roles. Gorgeous girls Dimple Hayathi and Shalini lived in their roles and they will lure mass audiences for sure. Actor Bharmaji rendered one of the major role in the film. His character will be highlight in second half. Comedian Mahesh Vitta, Raghu Babu and Sivan Narayana will tickle our funny bones. Other actors did as required.

Background score should be most important factor for Crime thrillers and Naresh Kumaran filled life in this film with his music. Every scene is gripping and whole second half will give you Edge-Of-The-Seat experience. Songs are good and well pictured. Cinematography is decent and scenes and shots look natural. Twists and turns are gripping and Jaw dropping. The production values are good and producers spent good money on this film. Karthik Anand not only preformed well on the screen but also directed it with gripping twists and turns. The film look very fresh with sensible characters and fresh story line. As the film is set in college backdrop. Youth audiences will connect with the film.

Eureka is a Youthful commercial entertainer with mind blowing twists and turns. Youth audiences will love this story line and Mass audiences will love watching gripping twists and turns. Go and watch it.

Rating : 3.25/5