Recently, Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya film is declared as biggest blockbuster hit and Now, one more Spy Detective film “Ashwamedham” is released with huge expectations. New comer Dhruva Karunakar played the main lead role and Soniya, Sivangi will be seen in female lead. talented actor Suman, Ambati Arjun and Vennela Kishore played other important roles. The film is directed by G Nithin and produced by Priya Nair, Vandhana Yadav. The film is released on 6th December, 2019.

Dhruva (Dhruva Karunakar) is an undercover International Baccalaureate. He will be on a  secret mission to catch the goon who loots Government property, Who are the goons and what did they stole from the government and how Dhruva chase them is rest of the story.

Dhruva Karunakar is perfect in his role. His body language, his costumes and his performance looks very natural as a real SPY agent acting in the film. His screen presence is very good and youth audiences will love him seeing on silver screen. Young girls Soniya and Sivangi are beautiful. Suman character and his performance will make this film more interesting. Ambati Arjun and Vennela Kishore’s comedy scenes will tickle our funny bones for sure. Others did as required.

First of all, The film is very stylish and its look like a International film. The SPY agent role and power packed action episodes are very gripping. The Songs and background score will keep us in engage with the film. Hero Dhriva Karunakar performed well in action episodes and his dance moments are in sync with the music. The story is very fresh and screenplay takes this film to next level. Director G Nithin carefully handled every minute scene and delivered a interesting tale. Cinematography is another highlight in the film. The visuals look like we are watching real true incidents. Locations are very natural and production values are high.

Ashwamedham is promising film with new story line, gripping screenplay, power packed fights and entertaining songs. The Twists and turns are jaw droppers and the whole film is very entertaining. Ashwamedham is new age action thriller. Go and watch it.